Capprog develops mobile technologies and provides mobile application development services. Our mobile app development process includes not only the design and development of award-winning apps, but also a consultative front-end, and a back-end of maintenance and support.
Module Description This module covers development of applications for smart phones and tablets using Google's Android platform. Users interface with the applications software, which is served by the systems software. Applications, or 'apps', can be written for a particular system, such as Windows or Android, or across numerous platforms, including computers and mobile devices.

The developer usually involves writing specifications and designing, building, testing, implementing and sometimes supporting applications using programming languages and development tools.
Activities involved

 establishing a detailed program specification through discussion with clients
 clarifying what actions the program is intended to perform
 breaking down program specification into its simplest elements and translating this logic into a programming language
 devising possible solutions to anticipated problems
 working as part of a team, which may be established purely for a particular project, to write a specific section of the program
 combining all elements of the program design and testing it
 testing sample data-sets to check that output from the program works as intended
 conducting testing and installing the program into production
 reacting to problems and correcting the program as necessary
 evaluating and increasing the program's effectiveness
 adapting the program to new requirements, as necessary
 conducting user acceptance testing to ensure the program can be used easily, quickly and accurately
 writing detailed documentation for the operation of the program by users and computer operators
 consulting manuals, periodicals and technical reports to learn new ways to develop programs and maintain existing skills and knowledge
 updating, repairing, modifying and developing existing software and generic applications