EdHeiron is a complete and customized solution for a school handling regular management work. By going through the flow of application one can easily maintain its student detail, fees detail, Employee detail, Certificate details, Time Table and Exam scheduling, Exams and Question Paper detail and Transportation Detail. This software includes the management of students, Employee, Accounts, Transportation, library, Fees, Exam, Time Table, Inventory and its respective reports with administrative module to provide better security. User-friendly menus can easily generate all the reports.
It contains 5 modules

  Management Module
  Operator Module
  Staff Module
  Parent Module
  Librarian Module

Advantages of EdHeiron
  Replace the paper-based data collection
  Information exchange system among the various departments within school
  Improve communication with parents
  User friendly
  Low cost solution

Education is a partnership between children, parents, and teachers. Children benefit from an alliance between school and home. EdHeiron is a tool that helps strengthen this alliance between parents and teachers in the best interest of children. EdHeiron is a fully managed web/school management based application that maintains electronic record of student history. Information from the database can be shared with parents either through web or via EdHeiron for speedy and mass communication. EdHeiron is designed to maintain this data from Kinder Garden to 12th grade. EdHeiron enables schools to record, access, report and manage their student & employee data and performance records in real-time. EdHeiron enables schools and parents to work as a team. Working together teachers and parents can modify student behaviour and improve student performance.
The appearance of your student records says a lot about the quality of your school. Other educators and registrars make judgments based on student records that can permanently affect a student's life. EdHeiron capabilities include the basics such as transcripts, report cards, attendance, and discipline as well as many other specialized capabilities, including parental access to real time student grades on the Internet. This means that not only administrators but also parents, teachers, and students have access to real-time data. With traditional reporting methods parents may not find out how their student is performing in school until the end of the quarter or annual report-- usually too late to correct a problem situation. EdHeiron allows parents to know how their student is doing on a continual basis by using the internet. EdHeiron can even send electronic progress reports to parents via email on a weekly, monthly, or even daily basis.
EdHeiron will replace the paper-based data collection and information exchange system among the various departments of a particular school. EdHeiron provides an innovative solution for Today’s school record-keeping challenges. This school management software will give you room to handle your responsibilities whether you’re just starting or are an experienced professional.
EdHeiron opens a universe of opportunities to automate the laborious paperwork involved in proper school management. With our proposed record-keeping software the management can more effectively interact with the students as they develop skills and character for success. They will not only have more time to spend with them, but it will be quality time because they will have up- to-date student information to facilitate them.